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SMS Gateway Intergration


We provide Bulk SMS API Service to integrate the code into your software.SMS gateways will allow you to engage and alert people through mobile phones.It makes the interacting and connecting easier with audience.

We help you SMS gateway is capable of delivering messages securely,instantly and reliably to anywhere in worldwide. Our SMS gateway allows you the power to SMS-enable any website,application or system. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way to send your SMS messages.You can send messages to lakhs of people belonging to different user groups like - clients, customers, employees and business partners.

Target the Right Messages to the Right People:

Unlike simple bulk SMS solutions that only allow users to blast messages indiscriminately, Hydrid Communications empowers you to send tailored messages to the right person, at the right time, all automatically.

Various SMS Gateway Applications:

  SMS Alerts

  SMS Marketing

  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  Sending OTPs (One Time Passwords)

Features & Functionalities:

  Send SMS text messages to groups and individuals from the internet

  Send SMS in Different Languages

  Send SMS Messages using schedule Time and Date

  Upload existing lists from Tab delimited files

  Personalise outgoing messages

  View history of messages sent

  View message delivery reports

  Use Draft templates to send messages

  Transaction Alerts

  Verify Number

  Customised Contacts

  Generate OTP

  Broadcast Messages

Benefits of SMS Gateway Integration:

 Cost Effectiveness

 High Reach & Response Rate

 Learn more about customers

 Measurable ROI

SMS Gateway software can be used for some of the following services:

1. Integration in website for SMS alerts.
2. SMS enabling your ERP or CRM solutions for automated alerts.
3. Information-On-Demand via SMS (2-Way SMS gateway software (Pull-Push)
4. Transactional Alerts via SMS (in Banking or any eCommerce applications/websites) etc. and many more…

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